Hibridas Photosensitive Paste Developer Unit SC-4K

The machine is designed for the image development of printed/dried and UV exposed layers of photoimageable thick film pastes to realise very fine line and high resolution patterns on ceramic and LTCC tape substrates. It is essentially a controlled abrasion process in which high pressure, atomised spray of developer solution impacts the surface and rapidly removes the soft, unexposed paste regions in a repeatable manner.

Technical Specification

  • Two Stainless steel air/liquid atomizers for spray area configuration suitable for up to 4 inch x 4inch substrate.
  • Pressure controls for spray developer solution, rinse water and air.
  • V ariable speed spin control.
  • Programmable process time settings.
  • Substrate holder (vacuum) suitable for up to 4 inch x 4inch ceramic and LTCCsubstrates.
  • Simple automatic filling of developer solution and water reservoirs.